Pin hole or burst in flexible high pressure hoses are the cause of serious damage for machines and equipments and a source of worries for the operators that have to work close to them (with ref. to ISO 3457).Updated safety standards and strict international laws have pushed for a development in the industry to find more “technical”and professional solutions to guarantee continuity and safety in the working environment.

Smart Protections has introduced TEX-GUARD®, a product that represents the ultimate evolution in total safety and protection of your staff on any hydraulic application.

TEXGUARD® was specifically designed to retain burst up to 420 bar (6.000 psi) and to contain or deviate oil spills caused by pin holes.When burst occurs, TEXGUARD®, thanks to its multi-layer structure, retains the oil spill and deviates the flow to the extremity of the hose with no damage to the equipment and with un precedented safety level.

TEXGUARD® is now the ultimate guarantee of protection to the machine, to the environment and especially for the safety of the operators that work nearby.

is manufactured with multiple fibre of de-aired nylon, exactly the same as TEXSLEEVE®, in a double barrier to pinhole and burst.The result is a product that offers the option to eliminate metallic protections or any other more expensive and less versatile solutions.

STRUCTURE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TEXGUARD® is composed of an inner sleeve of highly strong nylon fibre and of an outer sleeve in textured nylon specifically designed for high abrasion and weather resistance. TEXGUARD®  guarantees the possibility to retain and deviate oil spills that may leak from the hose. The layers react independently and give the maximum dispersion of the oil following a burst incidence.

Pin hole test:6 minutes at 350 bar (at a temperature of 120°C) – Burst test:350 bar (at a temperature of 120°C)

Totally compatible with biologic oils. Excellent abrasion resistance (beyond the requirements of ISO 6945). Very good electrical conductivity (beyond the requirements of ISO 8031). Meets requirements of ISO 3457.

MSHA approval for mining applications n. IC 207/06

TEXGUARD® can work with temperatures from -36°C to +100°C continuously with peaks at 135°C.