The introduction of SHILTEK® fire protection sleeve has completed the security sleeving program of Smart Protections for hoses and cables. This range of products is particularly designed to suit fire hazardous situations or working conditions at high and very high temperatures

The SHILTEK® range has been developed to offer the maximum protection factor against short term flame blasts, molten splash and weld spatter to those components such as tubing, piping, wires, hose and hose assemblies, control cables.

SHILTEK® is made of a special fiberglass braid, coated with a silicone rubber layer, compounded to assure compatibility to solvents and lubricants.

SHILTEK® slides very easily on the hose and it is available in iron oxide red colour as standard. Other colours can be supplied on request.


Working temperatures from -54°C up to +260°C (from -65°F to +500°F). Resistant to fire and to chemical agents.

MSHA approval for mining applications n. IC 207/03

Thanks to the use of high quality and high resistance materials, SHILTEK® sleevings are the best protection product in all those applications like Aerospace, Automotive, Smelters, Pulp & Paper, Glass industries, Mining, Steel Industry, where the insulation degree and fire protection, become of fundamental importance to assure global plant reliability.

Easy to assemble, SHILTEK® assures high protection levels also in case of reflected or inducted heat. Free from sea water corrosion, it is the ideal solution to protect flexible hoses or cables located inside the engine bays of vessels or ships.

SHILTEK® sleeves are free from asbestos and do not contain ceramic fibres. They are conforming to the new ecological requirements of EN norms, assuring compliance both from the operator or the environment basic parameters.

Shiltek SHL data sheet